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IR Magazine Awards Europe 2016
The London Motor Show
Promo' video for The London Motor Show featuring Tiff Needell
IR Magazine Europe Awards 2015
A lot of happy winners on show
Stay Safe Video
A drama production video highlighting the dangers that lone workers may face in the field...

Weber A Fracture to the outer bone of the ankle which is known as the fibula
You have sustained a fracture to your shoulder this is a ball & socket joint
Guidance on fitting & removal of a boot
Guidance for using your crutches

Kings College Hospital Clinics HD English Version
Kings College Hospital Clinics Arabic HD
UK @ Arab Health 2014
An overview of the UK's presence at one of the world's largest medical congresses
The Guthrie Clinic @King's College Hospital

An introduction to making an Enchanted Rose Garden Cake including description of equipment required
Luna Boutiques Charity Fashion Show
Hungerford & Marlborough clothes retailer hosts charity fashion event
Supporting the UK in the Global Healthcare Market
UK Government minister presents to select healthcare business audience
Miocare - The Handheld Healthcare Tablet
Filmed at Medica 2012 - Innovation in your hand

What the BNC Events Show Buyers Thought!
A selection of comments from the buyers!
What the BNC Event Show Exhibitors Thought!
A true reflection from those that were actually there!
The BNC Event Show - The Video
A video flavour of possibly the best new event show in town!
Convection effects in the early days at Cosworth
One of the challenges faced when working on the Cosworth casting.

What is dialysis?
What is dialysis?The different types of dialysis explained by Consultant Paedatric...
Great Ormond Street Hospital - Home Haemodialysis DVD
An introduction to the GOSH educational DVD about HHD
Adam’s Story Part 1
How 16 yr old Adam Phillips became Europe’s first teenager to start a home haemodialysis...
Adam’s Story Part 2
Seeing the home haemodialysis machine for the first time

Adam's Story Part 3
Adam’s personal thoughts and his dream of going on a foreign holiday
Adam’s Story Part 4
Adam’s dream comes true as he goes skiing just 5 months after commencing the programme!
Where Castles in the Air Take Shape
No Newbury

Memories of Time Through Time
Removal of Totally Occluded Thrombus, Norwegian Hospital
HRH Prince Andrew, The Duke of York Visits Arab Health

Live Performance Sequence
40th Anniversary Conference Opener
New Technology from MCS
Launching a New Manufacturing Facility

Building Society Product Launch Opener
Introducing the Riks Hospital, Oslo
A modern hospital designed to maximise patient comfort
Introducing the Al Khalifa Bin Zayed Hospital, Abu Dhabi
State of the Art technology in the Emirates
Various Procedures inc’ a pacemaker insertion, UK Hospital
The 70 year old pacemaker insertion patient went home at 7.00 pm the same day!

Angioplasty procedure, Portuguese Hospital
A straightforward procedure conducted by experienced professionals, clearly comfortable...
Guidewire & Permanent Catheter Insertion, Abu Dhabi Hospital
A straightforward procedure conducted by experienced professionals, clearly comfortable...
Preparing for a caesarean section, Portuguese Hospital
The result was the birth of a healthy baby boy with both mother and child well!
Exploratory Angioplasty, Norwegian Hospital
The patient’s condition was giving cause for concern, however following investigation,...

Cardiologist takes you through an actual live catheter insertion stage by stage - UK Hospital
From start to finish this cardiologist in clearly an expert in his field!
Communicating a Global Message
Multi language & colourful introduction clearly conveys a global vision
Chairman’s Opening Introduction
A dedicated message conveyed in a novel way

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